42″ Garnet And Pearl Convertible Lariat/Fine Wine


A stunning 42″ long lariat of Garnet beads with fresh water Pearls dangling from Crystal golden snaps.

Handcrafted in N.C.

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I just adore the richness of this dark red Garnet long lariat and the variety of ways to wear it.

Faceted Garnet beads are threaded between little golden beads which adds such a great pop of sparkle.

The bottom Crystal snap tabs hold a variety of white fresh water Pearls plus a large Baroque Pearl.

Wear with the versatility of styles with lariats, plus you have the option of removing the Pearls and hooking the strands together for one long necklace to simply wrap.

(The second image shows this worn with the Garnet charm necklace)

Handcrafted in N.C.


Golden, Red, White




Beads, Pearl

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