Handcrafted Sterling Chalcedony Adjustable Ring/The Sea


Handcrafted sterling silver ring with a large cut of Chalcedony and hand tooled sterling shank.

Now set at size 8 but totally adjustable.

Handcrafted in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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One of my artisans in Santa Fe designed and crafted this very cool sterling silver cigar band ring.

A nice sterling bezel and beautiful prong work holds the stone securely~~at a slightly off set cool angle.

The beautiful haunting milky blue Chalcedony stone is  .75″ long.

The sterling cigar band is even awesome with her hand stamping on the shank.

The shank is 1/2″ wide and tapers to the open adjustable bottom.

Size 8  (adjustable)

Hand crafted in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Blue, Silver



Sterling Silver


Contemporary, Handcrafted jewelry

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