My jewelry career began in 1993 as I yearned for a creative supplement to raising my three children.  Starting with fashion jewelry catalogs, then attending craft and retail shows and later personally meeting the jewelry artists became the foundation building blocks to Adorned by Lonnie, Inc.

The more exposure I had with the jewelry artists themselves, the more I realized the lack of real creativity in mainstream American jewelry retail.  Cookie cutter jewelry was not going to be my nitch.  I wanted to provide unique, eclectic,  high quality, handcrafted jewelry that I could personally select for my inventory.  With my additional passion for travel,  hunting for this type of handcrafted jewelry was the perfect fit.

With my growing inventory I provided trunk showings for private parties, businesses, craft shows, country clubs and galleries.  As the business grew and this became increasingly difficult, I opened a website for local traffic exposure.  By 2007 I had learned enough computer savy to take and edit my own picture images and was now open for e-commerce online jewelry business.

Customers say my strength lies in my artistic eye for discerning great, wonderful, whimsical, dramatic, classic and out of the box jewelry and matching it to the womans’ spirit.  Many thank me for “stretching” them into a jewelry style they hadn’t yet explored and are now loving and comfortable in.

Adorned by Lonnie, Inc. today offers handcrafted jewelry from over seventy jewelry artisans in the United States and abroad.  We are an ever growing online jewelry boutique searching the globe for creative jewelry trends to offer to you, the beautiful one.

Don’t allow yourself to just be jeweled.  Be ADORNED BY LONNIE!

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