40″ Jasper Sterling Tassel Necklace/Rubilight


A unique treasure from my travels and one I can’t duplicate again.

40″ of faceted Rubilight Jasper beads with a 4″ sterling silver elaborate tassel focal point.

Handcrafted in Istanbul, Turkey

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I am so excited to have made a new connection for my Turkish jewelry!  I was there in 2021 and now can purchase year round and bring you these treasures.

Here’s a unique 32″ long necklace that holds a 4″ Turkish treasure.

Beautiful red and green colored natural Rubilight Jasper beads are faceted to catch the light.

At the bottom is a 4″ decorative sterling silver piece that has three strands of beautiful unique tassel.

This is a fabulous necklace I am unable to find again, so don’t wait to be that special owner!

Handcrafted in Istanbul, Turkey.


Green, Red



Sterling Silver


Handcrafted jewelry

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