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Contemporary Resin/Silver Necklace/Detached

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Here’s an artsy necklace with a detachable toggle charm holder added to the bottom of the resin focal point.

Handcrafted in Montreal, Canada.

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The Canadian company Chagnon is known for using unique chains, pewter, mixed elements with Resin and contemporary, unique styling.

This clever necklace has a cool bar/link silver chain that an odd shape focal piece.  Inside the silver piece is a lovely chunk of resin with a funky design.

You’ll love this artsy feature!  At the bottom of the focal piece is a toggle of charms that simply connects.  You have the option to wear it on or off, depending on your mood!


Handcrafted in Montreal, Canada


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Clear, Silver



Pewter, Resin


Fashion, Handcrafted jewelry

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