Golden Link Magnetic Bangle Bracelet/Mini Me


Beautifully crafted golden textured bangle has open rows across the top with shapes filled with Swarovski Crystals and Labradorite stones.

This bangle bracelet has a hidden magnetic closure for instant on/off.

Fits a small to medium wrist.


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Bangle lovers take notice!

Look at this bangle bracelet and you’ll see a detailed dash of tiny Swaovski Crystals in the center.

This classic designed bracelet has the links going all the way around the bracelet.

Another wonderful feature on this bangle is the hidden magnetic closure on the side for instant on/off.

This bracelet looks great alone or layered with others from the collection!

You’ll also love the comfort that the oval shape gives you.  Fits a small to medium wrist.

Artisan lives in California.






Crystal, Gold Plated, Sterling Silver


Women's jewelry, Handcrafted jewelry, Classic

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