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Handcrafted Porcelain Earrings/Unhinged


Here is a totally eclectic dramatic earring that you’d only see in a gallery.

It’s created using handcrafted orange procelain with a copper bottom.

These statement earrings hang 2″ from the top of the ear wire.

Handcrafted in NC.

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Wait til you put this earring on!  It’s just amazing!

The top half of the earring is a beautiful orange/bronzy piece of porcelain.

At the bottom hanging from brassy wire is a small piece of copper that moves with the ear.  (Love this)

This artistic “gallery” earring hangs 2″ from the top of the ear wire.

A local artisan has a source in England where she gets her unique porcelain pieces to create amazing earrings.

Handcrafted in NC.


Brassy, Coppery, Orange



Brass, Copper, Glass


Contemporary, Women's jewelry, Handcrafted jewelry

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