Handcrafted Sterling And Pottery Necklace/Planets


A completely original sterling silver unique necklace made with a natural Garnet and a large purple glazed piece of pottery!

17″ adjustable

Handcrafted in N.C.

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Here’s a handcrafted sterling silver necklace that is a unique piece of wearable art.

A 16″ (adjustable) sterling silver link chain holds a hollow cone of sterling.

The 1.75″ focal point below is an array of concave discs with one holding a red Garnet.

The large purple “stone” bezeled in sterling is NOT a stone!  It is glazed pottery that is so beautifully finished it disguises as a natural mineral.

Talk about an original wearable piece of art!

Handcrafted and signed in N.C.


Purple, Red, Silver



clay, Sterling Silver


Funky, Women's jewelry, Handcrafted jewelry

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