Labradorite/Baroque Pearl Statement Necklace/Yikes!


This 18″+2 statement necklace starts with stacked faceted Labradorite stones (sensational!) and then seven large natural white Baroque Pearls space across the front.

Truly a gorgeous neutral piece to light up your life!

Handcrafted in N.C.

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Labradorite stone is the most popular now because of it’s iridescence, variety of color hues and its’ mystery.

This 18″+2 statement piece is loaded with Labradorites, but more importantly a more rare cut of them stacked together.

Seven gorgeous white natural Baroque Pearls are set between the stones and just pop with their beauty.

The color combo of this important necklace will be your perfect neutral.

Handcrafted in N.C.


Golden, Gray, White




Gold Filled



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