Lilly Barrack Green Amethyst Adjustable Ring/New Fave


Lilly Barrack Green Amethyst Adjustable Statement Ring

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Any piece of jewelry by artisan Lilly Barrack is going to make a statement!

Her designs are always contemporary, signed, hefty sterling silver gauge, semi precious stones in the rough (raw) and  always set in a bezel.

This stunning statement ring is adjustable simply with a small slit in the shank underneath.   Size 7.  (Find any finger!)

The sides of the shank are an open design with the top being 3/4″ across and tapered down to 1/4″ under the finger.

Two large gorgeous green Amethysts sit on top along with a white fresh water Pearl.

What a great looking neutral colored ring that will be your everyday piece.

Handcrafted in New Mexico, USA.



Green, Silver, White




Sterling Silver


Contemporary, Women's jewelry, Handcrafted jewelry

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