Native American Sterling/Turquoise Bangle Bracelet/Zig Zag


Truly a fun and original sterling silver bangle bracelet with three Turquoise stones set on top.

Fits a small to medium size wrist.

Native American made in New Mexico, USA.

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Isn’t this a fun and different bangle bracelet?

This bracelet is handcrafted by the Native Americans in New Mexico using a hefty sterling silver gauge.

The zig zag design is so unique and the addition of three Turquoise stones and one green Turquoise makes it even more special!

Because it is a hefty sterling silver it is not malleable to adjust for sizing.

Fits a small to a medium size wrist.

Handcrafted in New Mexico, USA.


Green, Silver, Turquoise



Sterling Silver


Women's jewelry, Handcrafted jewelry, Southwestern

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