One Of A Kind Golden Link Necklace/Treasures


A very unique one of a kind 18″ necklace made from  brass and Turquoise from Turkey.

18″ long

Handcrafted in Istanbul, Turkey

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So excited to have made a new connection for my Turkish jewelry!  I was there in 2021 and now can purchase year round and bring you these treasures.

In Turkey everything you see is golden.

So here is a totally unique one of a kind necklace in brass with a beautiful  piece of Turquoise in an elaborate bezel, another stone in simple black and then a treasure at the bottom!

This focal point is a hefty 1″ oxidized decorative box that was described to me as “a found object.”

I love this stuff!

Truly a one of a kind.

18″ long plus box

Handcrafted in Istanbul, Turkey


Black, Golden, Turquoise



Brass, Mixed Metal


Handcrafted jewelry

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