Urban Contemporary Necklace/Dark Night


Here is a totally edgy, uptown, unique necklace that has a great attitude!

Blackened and silver links hold a 1″ Pegasus coin with metallic fringe.

20″ +4″.

Handcrafted in N.C.

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If you’re looking for edgy, this unique handcrafted necklace is for you!

Dark black matte links behind the neck feed into 1″ black slender rings spaced with silver toned links.

The focal piece at the bottom is a 1″ Pegasus coin with metallic chains swinging below.

You’ve got to love the single small clear Crystal at the end.

Coin to Crystal is 4″ + 20″.

What a find!!!

Handcrafted in N.C.


Black, Silver



Mixed Metal


Contemporary, Handcrafted jewelry

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