4 Tips to Choosing Jewelry To Help You Stand Out

There’s nothing that completes an outfit better than unique jewelry. But the jewelry with your outfit should be more than an accessory — it should make a statement. With so many unique jewelry choices available, it’s never been easier to make a statement. Here are some easy ways to stand out with your jewelry.

Find Your Type

First things first, you need to find the right kind of jewelry. You can accessorize with rings, necklaces, and bracelets, but to stand out, you may want to pick one and layer it. If you want to layer with rings, for example, you can wear several at a time and make sure they complement each other.

Find One Main Piece

If you’re looking to go with a more minimalist approach, you can still stand out. The key is to find one piece of unique jewelry, a signature piece, to stand out with. What might that piece be? You could go with a big ring with a big rock and intricate designs. You could also go with a necklace with a special engraving. One of the good things about sticking with one signature piece is that you can spend more money on that piece rather than spending money on several pieces.

Find The Right Element

If you do decide to go with multiple pieces of unique jewelry, find a common element that ties them all together. The best and easiest way to do this is to find pieces made of the same material or the same metal. For example, if you pick silver or gold, you can buy a ring and pair it with a pendant or a bracelet. By choosing pieces that work together, you’ll look coordinated and catch everyone’s eye.

Have Fun With It

Whatever route you choose to go, have fun with it. If you’re looking for the perfect piece or pieces, try shopping online. According to Oberlo, the online jewelry market is forecast to grow to just over $7.6 billion this year, and there’s any number of options you can choose from online. Keep your wardrobe in mind when you’re shopping too. Your signature pieces need to blend in with what you’re wearing, and by pairing jewelry and clothes together, you’ll have the perfect look to stand out from the crowd.

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